Piano, not Netflix, on a Snow Day


Piano caught in the snow

Tomorrow, January 27, 2015, is going to be a snow day for most of the Northeast.

Why not spend it practicing piano? Join your friends in accumulating some nice hours at the piano.

Write in the comments, below, how many hours you put in and what repertoire you worked on.

Piano is a lonely instrument, at times, so I enjoy encouraging a greater community in small ways like this one.

Have a warm, musical and fulfilling day. And, a cup of hot chocolate!

About Polly van der Linde

Pianist, teacher, director of International Piano Camps in VT, for adults and children of all levels of ability
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37 Responses to Piano, not Netflix, on a Snow Day

  1. Joan Lee says:

    It’s about 40 degrees and dry in Boise, not to rub it in. But it’s good to practice anyway….

  2. Les Polt says:

    Here in Baltimore we were spared, only 1-2″, so it’s a workday. My usual 1 hr. tonight. Working on 3 of the Beethoven Bagatelles Op. 33 and 4-5 pieces from Schumann Scenes from Childhood.

  3. Candace Thompson says:

    I’m staying inside on a beautiful day–80 degrees F and full sun–to work on Sinfonia No. 13 by J.S. Bach.

  4. Greg Scott says:

    18 inches here in Lincoln RI and I just came in from clearing my car. Now I can hunker down and have some fun with Gershwin’s I Got Rhythm. Maybe some Poulenc sonata 4-hands a little later.

  5. Lee Schofer says:

    From Lee Schofer – We only had about 6-8 inches, a mere trifle I know, here in the Princeton NJ area. However, I lived outside of Syracuse for 17 years, so I understand what New England is going through today. I haven’t played yet, only shoveled, but I will tonight. I’m working on the Apasionata Waltz by Ernesto Lecuona and the Schubert Impromptu, Opus 90, No 2. I’m almost up to speed on the Impromptu, what a ‘bear’….for me.

  6. Nicole Rienecker (Autumn Sonata) says:

    I bought Jeff a compilation of Burt Bacharach for Christmas, and I’m putting in an hour on “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head” (with thoughts of my Northeast friends in the snow).

  7. The storm hit here last night so we woke up in a blizzard this morning. But I couldn’t really park myself behind the piano as long as I wanted because we had dig ourselves out!
    Nevertheless, I managed an hour or so on Beethoven’s bagatelles op 119 and another hour just sight reading through Shostakovitch’s Dances of the Dolls, (because I want to improve my sight reading) and on Bartok’s sonatina which I played a few years ago and want to bring back. Not nearly as much as a Sonata camp day practice!

  8. agemoz says:

    I’m on a “mission” to get better keyboard sense (play without looking, and exercises in developing keyboard peripheral vision). Working on the Beethoven Cuckoo Sonata (op 79, #25 in Gmajor), Chopin Revolutionary Etude (who needs a right hand?), the Bartok Romanian Folk Dances (I love the harmony in these), and the Schubert Amaj Sonata Op 120. Tonight is ballroom dance night but got some practice on the Bartok dances this morning before work and will get some work in tonight probably on the Beethoven Sonata.

    • Love the Bartok. Just finished teaching these with a new online student through Skype. Lots of fun. Someone in the January Sonata Piano Camp played the second mvt. to the Schubert A major Sonata. So pretty. Enjoy your practice time.

  9. rebecca baker-kates says:

    Two hours thirty minutes (broken into two shifts). Nocturne in F Major, Chopin. Prelude 15 (Raindrop), Chopin. Tango, Albeniz.

  10. David Thornton says:

    After shoveling a couple feet of Boston snow, I relaxed at the piano with Debussy’s first Arabesque and Granados’s Spanish Dances #2. Olivia listened intently and wants to know when she gets to go to Summer Sonatina!

  11. Barbara Napholtz says:

    Just 3 hours — was hoping for more, but I had other things I needed to catch up on too! Working on a few things others played at camp in August — the Brahms Intermezzo in A, opus 118 (Cheryl’s piece) and the C minor nocturne, Opus 48, No. 1 ( Max’s master class), along with the A flat Polonaise, Opus 53 and Debussy’s 2nd Arabesque and assorted sight-reading. Love that picture of the piano in the snow — such a beautiful street — where was it taken?

    • Found the pic on the internet. It’s from somewhere in Holland. I didn’t know who to cite for the pic so I hope it’s ok. You played a lot of rep today! Stay warm

      • Barbara Napholtz says:

        Thanks — My husband and I were curious — it seemed like such an inviting neighborhood ! (and I’m pretty sure it’s ok to use the pic for private use — I did a little digging in the meta-data, trying to see if there was a location embedded in it — there’s not much there so I’m pretty sure it’s not copyrighted 🙂 )

  12. priss1000 says:

    No snow here in upstate South Carolina, but it was certainly chilly and was a good day to practice. I got in a bit over 3 hours altogether. I’m working on Bach’s Invention No.14 and have just begun No. 13. I am also working on the first movement of Mozart’s Sonata in C, K545 and Chopin’s Prelude in b minor, Op. 28, No. 6. I am enjoying all of these!

  13. After arriving home toTexas from Sonata Camp Sunday night, I pulled out my Mendelssohn and enjoyed 2 hours in honor of your snow day, on Opus 19, No. 1 and the Six Children’s Pieces, Opus 72. My first camp experience was quite inspirational on so many levels! Thank you Polly!

  14. Helen Rabin says:

    Internet went down last night, so I didn’t have a chance to “log” my one and a half hours at the piano yesterday: Brahms Rhapsody op 79 no 2, Chopin Nocturne no 6, starting Bach Sinfonia no 11 (suggested by Chris Tofani). Will shovel whenever the wind stops blowing the snow into great drifts!!

  15. Mary Romanson says:

    From north central MA. . .
    Ferocious winds blew snow wildly across our lake while I practiced a Chopin’s Nocturne. Hard to measure snow’s depth . . . 2+ ft.? Can’t wait to return to skiing at Sunday River. May x-country across frozen lake tomorrow.

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