Sonatina website gets a new look


Dive in and check out our new website!

Yippee! Sonatina Enterprises, Inc., also known as Sonata Piano Camp, Intermezzo Weekends and Summer Sonatina International Piano Camps, has a new website at

Matt Moon, our tech-guy for all of the videos and livestreaming that we do at camp, has designed and put together the new website. We are delighted with the new look.

On the site you can instantly find the program that you’re looking for (Sonata, Intermezzi or Summer Sonatina). Clicking on that, you’ll find some muted videos and pictures as well as some text.

You can also instantly find the “Apply” button if you want to register without searching deeper for it on the site. There’s a button at the top of the site or you can go to the program and find a similar button.

Making payments got easier too. We now accept Discover, American Express, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal or by check. Such options!

Here’s some fun features on the site:  poke around the EXPLORE section of it and you’ll discover many things.

Availability: click on that and a lightbox will come up telling you how many slots are available for camp or if there’s a wait list.

FAQs: a question and answer section for either Sonatas/Intermezzi or Summer Sonatina.

My online piano lesson information: with a free TRIAL set up and tech session, how-tos, etc.

Video archives: this was an extraordinary amount of work and Matt will continue to add to the array. So far, all videos from 2014 have been added and there’s now a section that allows you to search by composer, piece or person who played.

There’s a ticker counter showing how many more days/hours/minutes and seconds until the first day of Summer Sonatina 2015!

My blog is linked to the pages, there’s a food and garden section with a description and pictures, more photos of the facilities (beds, pianos and rooms), a short blurb on the history of camp, and recent publicity about piano camp.

Scroll down some more and you’ll see where the livestreamed section of our website is hosted.

Below that, is a cool left to right line up of faculty with pictures and bios.

Finally, scrolling down further, you’ll find a map that includes airport distance from Bennington, VT.

Pretty cool, huh?! Thanks and major BRAVOS to Matt Moon for the hours and weeks of work that went into this. So, have some fun and enjoy the new site. We’d love your feedback, too.



About Polly van der Linde

Pianist, teacher, director of International Piano Camps in VT, for adults and children of all levels of ability
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2 Responses to Sonatina website gets a new look

  1. emdrgreg says:

    Polly, the new site is beautiful! A real joy to explore. Got a bit of a pleasant surprise when I saw Chris and I at the living room pianos! Great memories.

    • It has been such a big project. So glad you had a moment to poke around. I included all the particulars on this blog only because I don’t want anyone to miss a thing! I loved the clip of you and Chris! Thanks for your kind comments.

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