How-To Videos on How to Start a Piece and Pedaling

At every Sonata Piano Camp session, I offer a couple of morning classes. This year, my topics were How to Start a Piece, ranging in difficulty from a simple 5-finger pattern to a Brahms Intermezzo and How, What and When to Use the Pedals, depending on the repertoire selected, the acoustics of the room and other reasons.

Each time I offered the class, people would ask me if it’s been recorded. On the final Sonata Piano Camp of the season (there are over a dozen per year if the Intermezzo weekends are included), I had Matt Moon videotape me and they are posted, below.

These are in an informal setting and the cameras pan between the keyboard, an enlarged PDF file of the music discussed, the Sonata participants listening to the lecture and myself. Both videos last about 90 minutes each.

Feel free to watch them and learn some of the techniques I use in my teaching methods. If you have any questions, feel free to post your question on this blog post below. Enjoy.


About Polly van der Linde

Pianist, teacher, director of International Piano Camps in VT, for adults and children of all levels of ability
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5 Responses to How-To Videos on How to Start a Piece and Pedaling

  1. Candace Thompson says:

    Thank you, Polly. That was beautiful. I can’t wait to try the techniques on my new piano.

  2. Barbara Napholtz says:

    Thanks so much, Polly! I’ve wanted a class on pedaling for a long time. This was VERY helpful — lots of general information on the markings themselves, as well as the more practical aspects of determining how and when to pedal.

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