Online Piano Lessons through Video Conferencing


Steinway piano silhouette. Photo by Annette Joly Griffith

Online Piano Lessons with Polly van der Linde through Sonatina Enterprises

Yay! I am adding a new program to our piano camp business! But, now I’ll come to you (well, sort of!). I wanted to announce this information on my blog because I’m so excited to get started, having had a trial lesson with a pianist in Austria the other day. I may be tweaking this information as I move forward, but, for now, this will do.

Here's where I'll be perched

Here’s where I’ll be perched

Here’s the scoop:
I’m happy to announce that I am offering piano lessons online to complete beginner to advanced pianists of all ages. This is a wonderful way to receive regular lessons or request a coaching on a particular piece. All of this information can be found on my website at (click on the PROGRAMS tab and find ONLINE LESSONS).

1) PIANO LESSONS OR COACHINGS: at my Steinway B piano with four high quality HD cameras, external high performance mikes and a pick up mike to hear my voice more clearly. To see a sample of the quality of my piano studio set up, go to my website at and click on the tab “Sonatina Live!” From there, see archived 2014 videos of some of my master classes.
2) CONVENIENCE: you won’t need to travel to your lessons as this can be accomplished through online technology in the comfort of your own home.
3) MUSIC SCORES: I will also be able to display comments, fingering suggestions and other musical needs directly on your score during the lesson. All of my notations can be emailed after the lesson, if desired.

Piano Camp! Photo by Todd Pinter

Piano Scores. Photo by Todd Pinter

If you are interested in working with me, the following information will need to be implemented in order to make this possible.

1) EQUIPMENT NEEDED: a piano (!) as well as a hook up to an iPad or laptop.
2) SKYPE CONNECTION: I will be able to teach you at a higher level of aural appreciation if your internet connection is a fast one. Sound quality will be greatly enhanced if you set up an external microphone. Place your iPad or laptop in a position where your face, body, fingers and the keyboard of the piano can be seen. You may need to experiment with this until you find a good location. Also your external mike will need to be placed near the piano and as close to where it can pick up your voice as possible. [Note: Matt, our IT/Tech guy, found out we can’t use FaceTime since we use 4 cameras that are connected to a switcher whereby the switched output is fed to some software that can’t communicate with FaceTime under the new MacOS. So it’s back to Skype only].
3) APPOINTMENTS: need to be arranged at least 72 hours in advance. Contact me at or calling 1-802-442-9197.
4) VIDEO CONFERENCING NAME: inform me of your Skype account name so that I can add you to my video list. I will not be able to offer lessons through cell phones and landlines, only PCs and iPads.
5) REPERTOIRE: required 72 hours in advance of the lesson. List title of piece, composer, key signature and opus numbers, if applicable. Or, alternatively, if the piece is in a collection of music, include the title of the piece or the page number in the collection. If I do not have a copy of the music in our inventory, I may ask you to either scan the piece or send me a screen shot of each page. This is why lead time is needed for scheduled lessons. Please include bar numbers on your score in advance of your lesson.

Encore! Encore!

Encore! Encore!

6) PAYMENT: required in advance of the first session. There are two ways to do this: use the PayPal button on our website under PROGRAMS/ONLINE LESSONS or you can phone in your CC card (Visa or MC) information at 1-802-442-9197.
7) FEES: All sessions are 60 minutes long. Included in the fee is prior or follow up time for scanning scores, adding fingering and comments that were discussed in the lesson time and offering future repertoire suggestions. At no time during the lesson will I need to step away to retrieve music, etc. This will all be done in advance or after the lesson as an added bonus.

Package Deals:
1 to 2 lessons ($100 each) = $100 – $200
3 to 5 lessons ($90 each) = $270 – $450
6 to 8 lessons ($80 each) = $480 – $650

Once a package is started, it must be completed before moving into another plan.

(Note: PayPal buttons, to make a payment, are provided on the website)

Hopefully, after your lesson, you won't feel like this!

You won’t feel like this after your lesson!

About Polly van der Linde

Pianist, teacher, director of International Piano Camps in VT, for adults and children of all levels of ability
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3 Responses to Online Piano Lessons through Video Conferencing

  1. Claire says:

    Polly, for me this would be wonderful as I probably won’t be able to attend camp again this year due to my husband recent medical issues and family commitments. What I don’t understand is finding a set up for my IPad that would allow you to see my face, fingers and the piano. It would be helpful if you or Matt could show various possibilities. My piano is in a similar configuration in my living room as the Steinway B. Also, we live in a rural CA community where Internet speed is fast but nearly as fast as in an urban area. What Internet speed is required?
    Looking forward to exploring this new possibility of lessons.

    • If you put your iPad or computer at about chest level to your side (on a high table or on a music stand), it should be just right for me to see your body and fingers. You’ll have to twirl around to talk into the camera from the bench but you’d be playing mostly anyway.

      As for internet speed, a minimum of 3Mb/s for download and minimum of 1Mb/s upload. You can go online to for this info.

      Hope this helps.

  2. psb says:

    Nice,, Learn to play the piano requires your desire to do it.
    I really believe is worth investing your time to get these things
    If you can not do what you love so what it all worth?
    I wrote about a great way to learn piano

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