The show always goes on!

I’ve not had time to contribute much to this blog lately so I’m long past due. This will be a shorty as I’m in the middle of the June Sonata and time does not allow for a lengthy post.

Yesterday was a very hot and humid day. There was a big storm and a tree came crashing down on the power lines at around 4:30pm. Here’s a picture of it:



We all had dinner by candlelight. Thankfully, we have gas for our stove so we were able to feed all of the Sonata participants. Our chef, Jodi Brown, did a great job of making sure that all would be ready in time. Our dishwasher, a teenager, also did a great job of doing the dishes by hand since our commercial dishwasher was not in order due to the power failure. The ever-dimming natural light cast an intimacy between all of us as we enjoyed our dinner.

Earlier, a few piano lessons needed to be given with a flashlight in hand since the dark skies were making it difficult to see the score. Here, Karen Schwartz and Kelli Stevens are having a lesson in the living room:


The biggest challenge was the 8pm class scheduled for the evening. We were planning on having a singalong with the lyrics placed on the overhead projector screen but without power, that wasn’t possible. Happily, Karen Schwartz, a wonderful pianist who can play any song by ear (and in any key!), was willing to hold the class with the help of a battery-operated spotlight which was generously loaned to us by a Bennington Community Member, Tim Hunt.

With that, we were able to have a fun night with lots of merriment. I had given everyone complimentary mini flashlights to help everyone see their way around the house. Here’s where we all are thanking Karen for a wonderful evening. She saved the night.


The show always goes on!

About Polly van der Linde

Pianist, teacher, director of International Piano Camps in VT, for adults and children of all levels of ability
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4 Responses to The show always goes on!

  1. David Tao says:

    Congrats on your resourcefulness for making the show go on! Thanks also for posting the photo, in which I recognize several of the pianists whom I met last June. I loved the singalong we had back then, and imagine that this year’s was doubly special. David Tao

  2. Rosamond van der Linde says:

    such unusual fun for everyone! And yay Jodi.

  3. Cindy Wallin says:

    I think it was almost more fun because of the novelty of having no power. It didn’t change much, except we discovered how many songs everyone only knew the first line of. The power came back before midnight and after turning off the lights that were one when it went off, we slept better than other nights because it wasn’t so hot!

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