Prepping and planning for the Intermezzo

Four days after completing a 10-day Sonata Piano Camp, we’re embarking on the shorter program, the Intermezzo, which lasts 5 days. Pianists are coming from as far away as Arizona, Missouri and Virginia to this camp although there are many coming within driving distance.

Sonatina sign (photo by Jennifer Friborg)

Sonatina sign (photo by Jennifer Friborg)

These past couple of days we’ve gotten the house cleaned up, food deliveries have been ordered and the new wheels and sign-up sheets for master classes and duet coachings have been posted.

Master class set up (photo by Jennifer Friborg)

Master class set up (photo by Jennifer Friborg)

There will be three of us teaching this time around: George Lopez for a slew of lessons and a concert, Ellen Dilthey for a couple of lessons and all the duet coachings and I’ll be teaching all 13 participants, as well as giving two master classes and two other classes (on How to Practice and Performance Anxiety) and conducting the Piano Monsters. The Intermezzo is geared towards a more relaxed environment because there is less pressure to perform on Sunday late afternoon group performance sharing, however, due to all these classes and lessons over a shorter period of time, it is still a very intense shot in the arm of pianos going wild!

Spring Sonata Monsters! (photo by Chris Tofani)

Spring Sonata Monsters! (photo by Chris Tofani)

In addition to all the lessons and coachings, Andrea Lindhardt will be available in the office for any of our administrative needs, Melanie Andrews will be cooking breakfast and lunch and Bob Sargent will be here as our substitute dinner chef since our new permanent chef, Jodi Brown, can’t begin her work here until the May Sonata, a couple of weeks away.

Melanie's breakfast (photo by Chris Tofani)

Melanie’s breakfast (photo by Chris Tofani)

I’m still scurrying about, putting the final touches on all the bulletin boards and moving some of the furniture around this morning so that when our first camper arrives, I can be ready to greet them with a smile. There will be 9 happy reunions of those who have attended in the past and we’ll welcome 4 newbies.

Hard to believe that this week also included a full day of teaching piano at Bennington College; piano practice time as I’m learning two new pieces, written by advanced composition students at BC which will be premiered in a week; more contracting and organizing for Summer Sonatina (the summer camp equivalent of the Sonata camp but for children, ages 7 – 16); exhibited at a Camp Fair where we introduced Summer Sonatina to the locals; put out a call for sponsorship so that some local students might be able to attend camp this summer and raised over $2500 in less than 24 hours (thanks to supportive Sonatafolks); exercised daily so that I can stay healthy; caught up with family chores (laundry, cooking and grocery shopping) and took a moment to have family time during our weekly family “date night.”

About to head out for my sanity run! (photo by Chris Tofani)

About to head out for my sanity run! (photo by Chris Tofani)

Just a normal week in my piano life, a role that keeps me attuned to those who are passionate about piano and grounded in my dedication and enthusiasm to make this all happen.

About Polly van der Linde

Pianist, teacher, director of International Piano Camps in VT, for adults and children of all levels of ability
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