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Animal Theme Piano Concert

Performing for a non-profit community music school that had a high attendance of little wiggly audience members, back in 1997, brings back many chuckles. The program had an animal theme: Ravel’s Mother Goose Suite, Carnival of the Animals by Saint-Saëns and … Continue reading

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Music Heals, poco a poco

I believe music heals. As a Mom and classical pianist, I try to balance my daily life to some sort of equilibrium that allows me enough time to, well, breathe. Imagine a day that includes: teaching and practicing piano, chores, … Continue reading

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Practice makes perfect?

My latest tweet in less than 140 key strokes: “Practice makes perfect. Give up this goal. What makes perfect is an attitude about being satisfied with the outcome. Pianists please note.” It’s too stressful to expect a perfect performance. I … Continue reading

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The unusual hazards of playing the piano

Most people don’t realize that playing the piano has its dangers as well as awkward moments. Sometimes its not you, it’s the piano. Perhaps I should title this entry “The unusual hazards of being a pianoist.” (sic intended) Pedals fall … Continue reading

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